A favourite among not only the VGFC but many anglers around Victoria and the south coast of NSW is the mighty Mako shark. There are a few species around the world but here is the Shortfin Mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) that is King. The closely related Longfin Mako Shark (Isurus paucus) is usually found in warmer offshore water.

Mako sharks speeds have been recorded up to 75kmh but some believe that they are capable of speeds much higher and spectacular leaps in the air of up to 9m making this species a true gamefish.

The Shortfin Mako is a pelagic inhabits offshore temperate and tropical waters and can be found from the sea surface to depths of over 300m, normally far from land though occasionally found closer to shore, around islands or inlets.
One of only four endothermic sharks (warm blooded) can regulate its body temperature from 4-7 degrees higher than surrounding water making it a stable and efficient predator.

Popular ways to target Mako sharks include burleying and drifting with baits of squid, fish (whole or fillets) with a wire trace suspended under a balloon. Mako sharks are also considered a good target for lure fisherman as catches on skirted lures and bibbed minnows are not uncommon especially by fisherman targeting Marlin and tuna. Dark coloured skirted lures in black and purple are a definite favourite amonst these toothy critters

As with most gamefish species we recommend treating this shark with extreme caution boat side as power and unpredictability of the Mako shark can result in all manner of strife!

Many other species of shark are a worthy opponent like the Thresher, Hammerhead and Whaler sharks just to name a few.